Popular Google Doodle Games You Can Play Right Away

Google often updates its homepage with Doodle Games that can help you pass the time or gain knowledge. Some commemorate special occasions while others simply provide enjoyable entertainment. One of the most popular Google Doodles was released to commemorate Independence Day: a baseball game! Another was created to mark the Olympic competition. In this article we explain five most popular Google Doodle games for you.

5 Popular Google Doodle Games

Here we explain five 5 Popular Google Doodle Games for you.


Popular puzzle Google Doodle game in which players must clear stages to earn points. PAC-MAN, an iconic maze-solving character who consumes power pellets to gain new abilities to clear more challenging levels, provides an engaging challenge that tests reflexes. Cool music and visual updates offer an immersive gaming experience.

This game pits a joyful yellow character against four colorful ghosts with names like Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde who are ghosts. Players must eat all the little yellow dots known as Pac-Dots while dodging ghosts that seek to consume them; any time one touches Pac-Man they immediately take away one life from him and must begin again! If any ghost touches Pac-Man they lose an existence and the game restarts immediately.

The ghosts move around the maze according to set routines that differ depending on their color; Blinky chases Pac-Man relentlessly while Pinky attempts to ambush him; Inky moves randomly blocking Pac-Man’s escape route while Clyde runs away if cornered; understanding these ghosts’ behaviors can make winning easier; this version features original Japanese versions rather than Midway’s redesign with giant eyes and smirk.


Loteria, commonly referred to as Mexican Bingo, began its history in Italy during the 15th century and later spread throughout Spain and Mexico. Similar to bingo, players mark spots on a tabla with tokens (traditionally raw pinto beans) to compete to fill four in a row before others do. A designated announcer draws colorfully illustrated cards that correspond with spaces on the tabla and names them accordingly; then adds poetic descriptions that further complicate play when marking spaces correctly on an announcer-drawn tabla. When an announcer draws colorful illustrated cards matching spaces on an announcer-draws colorful illustrated cards that correspond with spaces on an announcer-draws colorful illustrated cards that match spaces correctly before shouting “!loteria!” to claim victory!

Since the pandemic hit, Loteria has become an immensely popular way for people to connect with family, friends and their communities. Artists have created themed versions of Loteria like Millennial Loteria, Women Power Loteria and Estar Guars Loteria.

This Google Doodle marks our inaugural multi-player Loteria experience and was made possible thanks to Luis Pinto, one of our friends and guest artists who recorded a voiceover for card announcer. Play with friends privately or take on random users from across the world in random matches!


Hurdles is a also popular Google Doodle game in which you must jump over various hurdles that are set at fixed distances apart, offering an exciting way to practice agility and build reflexes. Hurdles is available both on Google Play and iTunes App Store.

As you launch over the hurdle, extend and point your leading leg towards the barrier. This helps decrease air time by enabling you to push off of your back leg in an almost vertical motion.

As a coach, I emphasize the importance of making a smooth transition over the hurdle. Too many athletes shorten their stride length in order to jump over it quickly, losing valuable momentum in the process. To develop these movements I advise my athletes to practice plyo bounds over hurdles of different heights; additionally they can perform sprint drills focused on clearing hurdles for added practice at coordinating explosive movement with overall stability.

Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy stands out from the pack as one of Google’s spookiest Halloween games, first introduced as a Google Doodle back in 2016. Players could battle ghostly creatures while Momo the cat cast spells using her magic wand.

Playing Doodle Monster is unlike many Google games you might be used to. Players control Momo by drawing lines and shapes using their mouse, with the aim of wiping away ghosts that come towards her – each ghost having its own distinct shape, color and movement pattern that can be identified by players. Furthermore, Doodle Monster features power-ups that increase chances of success for every player!

As the game advances, levels become progressively more difficult and faster-paced. To maximize your experience, it’s essential that you learn all of the symbols associated with ghost and enemy types as well as any visual cues pertaining to opponent attacks and special objects. For optimal performance, play is recommended using Google Chrome as well as other modern web browsers – you can access this game simply by visiting its homepage and clicking on Doodle. These are cloud types games.

Champion Island

Champion Island, Google’s most interactive Doodle game to date, was unveiled to coincide with the Tokyo Olympic Games. It can be accessed by clicking on its logo on Google homepage.

This game takes place on Champion Island, an imaginary destination where the world’s strongest athletes meet every four years for competition. It includes seven sports minigames as well as various characters from Japanese folklore – with Lucky the ninja cat inspired by Maneki Neko figures common throughout Japanese culture.

Final Thought

Googles Doodle team joined forces with Studio 4degC, an animation studio in Tokyo, to design this game. It pays homage to classic 16-bit video games as well as Japanese culture including traditional folklore and legends. There is even a skateboarding minigame available that allows players to roll through a virtual skate park performing tricks such as kickflips and nose grabs for points scoring! Both computers and smartphones can use identical controls. Use either the arrow keys (W, A, S & D) for movement whereas using spacebar to interact with NPCs or take missions!

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